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Michigan State University
Rm 306 International Center
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Laurie Felton Secretary
Canadian Studies Center

306 International Center

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Biography: Laurie Felton has been with the Canadian Studies Center since November 2016 after a hiatus of 14 years away from MSU during which she homeschooled her two children.

Laurie graduated from MSU in 1985 with a B.A. in Music. Immediately, she began working in various offices on campus as a temporary office assistant until hired at the Kellogg Center as the hotel receptionist. When an office assistant position opened in the English Language Center, Laurie was hired, and there realized she had an affinity for and ease is communicating with international students. After the ELC, Laurie became the Graduate Secretary and T.A. Budget Officer in the Linguistics & Languages Department, a position she held for 12 years serving American and international graduate students from all over the globe. Before leaving MSU to homeschool, Laurie served as the Events department budget officer in University Development (now Advancement). Laurie still enjoys music, and appreciates both her degree and time spent as a student at Michigan State University.

Laurie would love to travel to Banff and Calgary in Alberta, Canada one day, too.

Ann Marie Schneider Director
Canadian Studies Center

306 International Center

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Biography: AnnMarie has been involved first-hand in the strategic planning process and the development of three keystone programs that span more than two decades: the Michigan Political Leadership Program, for citizens interested in appointed or elected office; Michigan’s Legislative Leadership Program, for freshman legislators, and; the State of the State Survey, for gauging public opinion on policy issues.

Currently, she leads the program planning and policy education division of MSU’s Institute for Public Policy and Social Research. Within her immediate responsibility is the Michigan Applied Public Policy Research Program, a research incentive program related to policy-relevant discussion, and an annual forum series highlighting research expertise on pressing issues. Both the grant program and public forums nurture dialog between topic experts, policymakers, and business leaders. AnnMarie directs communication and marketing of these programs across a broad spectrum of stakeholders.

AnnMarie further bridges state and international policy education by directing the Canadian Studies Center, and by serving as vice chair of a cross-border communication network focused on regional stakeholder collaboration on trade, infrastructure, economic development, and environmental issues. Additional duties include fundraising for program support, cultivating alumni relations, guiding students on career paths, and linking faculty to research opportunities. She is vice president of the Midwest Association for Canadian Studies and on several advisory boards including the Community Economic Development Center and the Center for International Business and Education Research, Global Business Club.

AnnMarie seeks opportunities to apply her expertise in planning policy-related and leadership-based education programs that point to an action agenda. With decades of designing and building legislative leadership training and programming, in addition to organizing and facilitating more than 200 public forums, AnnMarie enjoys helping leaders develop and strategize ways that effectively address public concerns.