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Lynne Goldstein

Title: Ph.D., Northwestern University
Department: Anthropology
Phone: 517-353-4704
Email: lynneg(at)

Lynee Goldstein’s research is especially focused on the late prehistoric period in U.S. Great Lakes archaeology, on historic period cemeteries, and on the analysis of mortuary practices. In addition to research on the Wisconsin and Illinois, she has worked in California and Arizona on historic period cemeteries. She has worked at the Mississippian site of Aztalan, in southeastern Wisconsin for many years. In 2013, Goldstein returned to the Aztalan site with two colleagues where they collected data from two sets of excavations in order to allow better interpretation of the site structure. Beginning in 2007, Goldstein created the Campus Archaeology Program – a research outreach and training program that focuses on the archaeology of MSU. The program is funded by the university and allows both graduate and undergraduate students to get real world experience in doing archaeology and interacting with various offices and people on and off campus.