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Heather Howard

Title: Ph.D., University of Toronto
Department: Anthropology
Phone: 517-353-4600
Email: howardh(at)

Heather Howard is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology. She teaches cultural and medical anthropology courses, including Indigenous Peoples' Health. Her Native research interests include women and youth, the role of history in community and social service organizing, and transformations in community-based health knowledge and practice. She is currently developing research projects which examine Native experiences with and approaches to Type-2 Diabetes in Michigan, and in Toronto where she has worked with the Native community since 1995. Dr. Howard has also worked as a professional ethno historian for tribes in California and in the Great Lakes area on projects involving resource rights, tribal jurisdiction, federal acknowledgment and land claims. She is preparing publications of research she conducted on connections between Canadian boarding school and contemporary Native experiences of chronic illness, as well as on the impact of the vicissitudes in federal policy on Native people's health in early twentieth century central California.