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Great Lakes International Trade and Transport Hub Summit: Developing an Action Agenda

Date: Sunday, 16 Oct 2011 Time: 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm Location: Kellogg Center


The Great Lakes International Trade and Transport Hub  (GLITTH) is holding a summit from October 16th-19th at the Kellogg Center.

The summit is planned as a benchmark event coinciding with Michigan’s “Trade and Infrastructure" month. You will gain critical information about what is needed and what will be done to accelerate the export economy that involves the U.S. Midwest and Canada. Your voice will be heard as the summit moves to:

• Build an action agena for breaking down identified barriers

• Participate in setting priorities through interactive technology

• Discover ways to leverage regional assets that will accelerate bi‐national economic development opportunities

• Address security concerns around streamlining customs processes

• Identify infrastructure and regulatory barriers

• Amplify demand through increased exposure and understanding of GLITTH goals

Information shared during the summit will contribute to a business plan intended to solidify and advance the Canada‐U.S. Midwest trade corridor.

Confirmed Lead Speakers Include (in order of appearance):

Russell MacLellan, 24th Premier of Nova Scotia – Sunday, October 16th 5pm

Doug Rothwell, President and CEO, Business Leaders for Michigan – Monday, October 17th 9am

Roy Norton, Consul General of Canada – Monday, October 17th 3:30pm

Rick Snyder, Governor of the State of Michigan – Tuesday, October 18th 8:30am

Please register now so that we can count on your participation as an important contribution to a binational, strategic plan of action. Feel free to call AnnMarie Schneider or Sarah Quraishi at 517-353-9349 or email us at csc@isp.msu.edu should you have any questions. 

Please register for the GLITTH Summit at https://shop.msu.edu/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=SSCP-01Opens in new window

We look forward to seeing you there!

Event URL: http://canadianstudies.isp.msu.edu/


Sarah Quraishi 517-353-9349 csc@isp.msu.edu


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