Alumni Spotlight: Daniel Thompson

Posted By: Kathryn Marie Malkowski    Published: Thursday, 11 Feb 2016

A Spartan family legacy has swayed many people to commit themselves to attending MSU, and for American alum Daniel Thompson, family was certainly an influential factor.  Out of 7 family members, four had gotten a degree from MSU when he decided to continue the family tradition.  As a member of the Business College, Thompson pursued a degree in Hotel Restaurant Management.  How he ended up living and working in Canada however, is an interesting story.  Following his time spent serving in the American Armed Forces, he discovered a lack of a job market for hotel restaurant management.  It was from there that he found a position working in hospital dietary services.  He began at Albion Community Hospital and sold accounts to both sides of the border.  While in staying in Ontario for work, Thompson met his wife and decided to settle down.

When asked about his time at MSU, Thompson said that being a part of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity was among his favorite memories from MSU.  Being at the November 19 MSU v. Notre Dame 1966 football game that ended in a 10-10 tie was definitely a memorable experience as well.  To current students, Thompson advises that you "dive into the pool."  Pursue what you are passionate about and Michigan State will teach you how to swim.  He emphasizes that you won't be in school forever, so take advantage of what you can while you're there.  He himself still uses textbooks and knowledge from his time at MSU.  Thompson also advises maintaining contact with friends you make during your time at school.  Thompson has maintained contact with his peers and they meet up regularly to tailgate during the football season.

Thompson currently works for Nutritional Management Services in London, Ontario, which has provided food service management to long-term care, educational, industrial, and community care clients in Southwestern Ontario for over thirty years.  To learn more about Nutritional Management Services visit  While he is not a Canadian citizen, his children share dual citizenship between Canada and the U.S.  Will Thompson return to the U.S.?  He says maybe; but while he lives in Canada he remains an example of American-Canadian relations.

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