Alumni Spotlight: Laura Portis

Posted By: Kathryn Marie Malkowski    Published: Thursday, 11 Feb 2016

MSU alum Laura Portis is an American citizen from Kalamazoo, Michigan.  A third generation Spartan, Laura chose to attend Michigan State because of its academic reputation, exposure to recruiters, and since she was undecided about her major, she appreciated the wealth of options offered by Michigan State.  As a member of the Honors College, Portis eventually decided to major in statistics with a specialization in actuarial science; she graduated in 2009 from the College of Natural Science.  Her advice for current students?  "To explore and take advantage of the diverse curriculum available at MSU and don't feel forced to limit your focus to one clearly defined career path - just like at MSU, there are so many different paths to take and the skills and expertise that are useful in today's economy are constantly evolving.  If you cultivate your ability to learn, you will always be able to adapt."

Portis said that being able to walk on to the track and field team her junior year was by far the most amazing experience out of the many she had at MSU.  She reminisced that it influenced her life in ways she could have never imagined—plus it led her to continue competitive running on a post-collegiate level.  Currently Portis works as a Senior Consultant for the Canadian arm of Urban Science, an international analytics consulting firm based in Detroit.  She works as an on-site consultant for Nissan Canada.

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