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Alumni Spotlight: Bill McLeod

Posted By: Kathryn Marie Malkowski    Published: Thursday, 11 Feb 2016

There's no doubt that Michigan State is an exciting place to gain an education.  With the size of the campus and student body, there's no question that students are introduced to new ideas, cultures, and people during their time on campus.  Upon leaving Michigan State though, it's up to the individual to maintain a sense of excitement in their lives.  For MSU alum Bill McLeod, it was important to pursue a personal passion after graduating with his MBA. in 1966.  As a professor at Cambrian College of Applied Arts & Technology in Sudbury, Ontario from 1969-1998, McLeod published and consulted extensively on the fields of life insurance, mutual funds, tax shelters, and financial planning.

After his retirement he wrote three books on the Ontario fur trade and the area around the small community of Chapleau, which also happens to be where McLeod was born and raised.  The decision to write these books was influenced by his lifelong interest in the history of Northern Ontario, as well as deep family ties to the area of Chapleau; especially the Chapleau Game Reserve.  At approximately 2,000,000 acres the Chapleau Game Reserve is the largest of its kind in the world—and it was McLeod's grandfather who was responsible for convincing the Canadian Government in 1925 to establish it.  Copies of all three books have been donated to the MSU Museum.

One of the things McLeod enjoyed most about MSU was living in the Owen Graduate Center, where he made life-long friends with about a dozen other students from many different cultures and backgrounds.  After half a century, they still keep in touch; two marriages even came out of the group!  To learn more about Bill and his work, visit his website at:  

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