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CN Forum

October 10, 2013

Anderson House Office Bldg. 124 Capitol Ave, Mackinac Room, 5th Floor, Lansing, MI

Synergetic Transformation of the Great Lakes Region


The Great Lakes Economic Region presents a history of contrast in the public policy arena. From one vantage point, the once-mighty manufacturing hub is in serial economic decline, remaining tied to the same industries that had weighed the network down. The competing view highlights The Great Lakes as a region of strength that possesses potential for vibrant innovations in technology, transportation and trade. The Great Lakes Region constitutes the world’s fourth largest economic unit and Canadian territories remain essential partners in a trade relationship that bolsters over eight million U.S. jobs. Even so, there’s still progress to be made and policymakers along with research experts have no shortage of theories and proposals as to the next steps for the Great Lakes economic region.

The 2013 CN Forum, hosted by the Canadian Studies Center at Michigan State University will examine the leading policy agendas developed by pertinent parties in Government, Business, and Research by drawing together those responsible for their implementation. The CN Forum will feature organizations and individuals that have experience and expertise in advancing the economic agenda of the Great Lakes Region, as well as action-oriented innovators from other regions who will provide perspectives for executing the proposed plans. The CN Forum will serve to provide government officials, business leaders, public policy experts, and the media with a greater understanding of the issues at hand, thereby advancing the effort towards positively transforming the Great Lakes Economic Region.

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