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Specialization in Canadian Studies

Canadian Studies Undergraduate Specialization

at Michigan State University

Michigan State University offers a Specialization in Canadian Studies as an elective for students enrolled in bachelor's degree programs.

Offered through MSU's College of Social Science, the Canadian Studies Specialization curriculum is designed for students who wish to increase their understanding of the processes of social, economic, political and cultural change in Canada and Canada's international relations.

Also stressed is the history of the Canada-US relationship and contemporary issues that link the two North American societies.

Multidisciplinary in theory and practice, the Canadian Studies Specialization is based on the methodologies, theories, and literatures of the social sciences and liberal arts. Faculty come from the social sciences, arts, languages and applied professional fields.

Requirements for the Canadian Studies Specialization

Requirements include completion of a minimum of 18 credits at the 200 level or above, distributed as follows:

A. 8 credits in the following core courses:

ISS 336 Canada: Social Science Perspectives, 4 credits
IAH 211C Culture & Literature of Canada, 4 credits

B. 6 credits from an approved list available from a Canadian Studies advisor. For example:

ENG 465 Canadian Literature, 3 credits
GEO 330 Geography of the United States and Canada, 3 credits

C. All students must complete at least 4 credits in connection with one of the following options:

A study abroad experience relevant to Canadian Studies. This experience, which must be approved in advance by the advisor for Canadian Studies may include courses required under A and B above.

An internship with a public or private sector agency or organization relevant to Canadian Studies.

This internship must be approved in advance by the academic advisor for Canadian Studies. To complete this, students may enroll in an internship course as part of B above.

Upon completion of the requirements for the Canadian Studies Specialization as specified by the undergraduate advisor, the student should contact the Associate Dean of the College of Social Science and request certification for the completion of the specialization. After the certification is approved by the Associate Dean of the College of Social Science, the Office of the Registrar will enter on the student's academic record the name of the specialization and the date that it was completed. This certification will appear on the student's transcript.

The Canadian Studies Center works closely with both faculty and students who participate in the Canadian Studies Specialization. As the major source of academic and research support for the study of Canada at MSU, the Center sponsors speakers, visiting scholars, hosts conferences, promotes activities on campus and outreach programs.

For more information, contact:

AnnMarie Schneider, Director
Canadian Studies Center
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1035
(517) 353-9349

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