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Spartan Spotlight

Roberto Aburto

The Michigan State University College of Law is a high profile institute that draws students from all over the country and world.  Its unique association with the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law is the element of MSU Law that drew in alum Roberto Aburto.

Louis-Philippe Albert

For Louis-Philippe Albert, the decision to attend MSU was influenced by the reputation of the Agriculture and Resource Development Program and the opportunity to improve his English. Having received his undergraduate degree from Université Laval, located in Quebec, the move to Michigan was just one of his travels.

Margaret (Margie) Bauman

Margie graduated from MSU in June 1964 and headed for her first job in Alaska, as society, entertainment and religion editor for the now long defunct Anchorage Times.  After a time, she returned to the lower 48 and worked for the Associated Press (AP) in Pittsburgh, PA., United Press International (UPI) in Charleston, W.Va., and then UPI in Milwaukee, mainly covering civil rights issues, after a brief stint with a local community newspaper in Milwaukee. Back in Alaska from 1971-1984, Margie worked at the Anchorage Daily News, for the Tundra Times (statewide Alaska Native weekly), was an on air reporter for two CBS News television stations in Anchorage and Fairbanks, and also did two stints as a vacation relief writer in New York for CBS News, the last being a truly amazing experience.  She also spent six years with AP in Denver, then back to working in Alaska since 1990 for various publications.  Currently, Bauman is the Alaska bureau chief for Fishermen’s News, an independent publication for the commercial fishing industry, and the fisheries and environmental reporter and copy editor for The Cordova Times, a weekly publication on Alaska’s Prince William Sound.

Orrin Benn

For alum Orrin Benn, the Big Ten reputation of MSU was a driving factor in his decision to attend MSU for graduate school.  MSU’s affordability and proximity to Toronto also influenced his decision.

Mike Buzak

Oftentimes, there is one overwhelming factor which influences someone’s decision to attend MSU.  For alum Mike Buzak, there was a plethora of reasons! As a talented hockey player, Buzak had multiple offers to multiple schools, including every Ivy League school. But he decided to attend MSU to be coached by Ron Mason.

Danny Chen

Deciding to go to law school is a big decision. Deciding where to go for law school can be an even bigger decision. For MSU alum, Danny Chen (2008), the Intellectual Property Rights program, as well as the B1G reputation of the university were some of the factors that influenced his decision to attend law school at Michigan State.

Andrew Fortis

The reputation of a university is an important factor when choosing where to pursue a higher education.  For MSU alum Andrew Fortis, the big name and reputation of MSU is why he chose to come to East Lansing for his J.D.

Glenn Klassen

While MSU is well known for its study abroad, education, and business programs, the College of Music has numerous offerings that draw students from all over the country and the world.  For alum Glenn Klassen, it was the orchestral conducting program that drew him to MSU.

Brent Lyons

Dr. Brent Lyons received his M.A. in Psychology from the MSU College of Social Science in 2010, and his Ph.D. (also from MSU) in 2013.  The decision to attend MSU was an easy one, which Lyons based on the reputation of the Organizational Psychology PhD program and the quality of the faculty which he would get to work with as a student in the program.

William "Bill" McLeod

If you want an MSU alum who can do it all, look no further than William “Bill” McLeod.  From mutual funds to Canadian highways, McLeod seems to know at least a little bit about everything, and has dedicated his life to sharing that knowledge.

Daniel Thompson

A Spartan family legacy has swayed many people to commit themselves to attending MSU, and for American alum Daniel Thompson, family was certainly an influential factor.  Out of seven family members, four had received a degree from MSU, so he also decided to continue the family tradition.