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Community Literacies in Canada

Community Literacies in Canada 

This post-term program will build upon decades of the MSU Writing Center's community engagement and community engaged scholarship extending this work across borders to collaborate with Canadian literacy centers and programs housed both within higher education organizations and writing centers within local communities.

The course, WRA495: Community Literacies and Engagement Across Borders, introduces the theories, research, and pedagogies of community literacy in a global context for students to understand in a complex way what community literacy is and how it is evolving particularly during and following the pandemic. To do this, we will work closely with university and community partners in East Lansing, Michigan, and Toronto and Montreal, Canada. These partnerships will begin virtually during the spring semester, continue on the ground in Canada in May, and hopefully evolve beyond the confines of the course into reciprocal partnerships.

In Canada, the cities and communities will become the sites for learning, and time spent with partners leading workshops will be considered classroom time as well. We will also participate in multicultural excursions to relevant cultural and historical sites and will interact with guest lecturers on site as well. Students will submit multiple reflections and smaller low-stakes writing projects throughout the course and will collaborate on a final project due several weeks following the program.

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  • Abby Jaroszewicz (jarosze2(at), College of Arts & Letters and College of Education
  • Dr. Grace Pregent (pregentg(at), College of Arts & Letters

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  • Lynn Aguado (aguado(at), Office for Education Abroad