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Arctic Research Platform

The Arctic Research Platform invites faculty, students and community scholars as well as business leaders who are interested in a broad range of Arctic issues – from STEM to Social to Art Sciences – to a discussion engaging others with mutual or complementary interests.

Encompassing the Canadian Studies Center priorities, the changing Arctic has been a major focus of the center's recent activity, including sponsorship of roundtable discussions, support for visiting lectures, and funding off-campus research dialogue.

A changing Arctic has long drawn the attention of environmental scientists. In more recent years, a trend toward warmer climates in the Arctic has caught the eye of supply chain, community development, and economic professions, as well as those with a watchful eye on geopolitics. More tourists and barges are passing through the Arctic. Indigenous peoples as well as native species are migrating or modifying their traditional way of life. While these changes may highlight opportunity, they also present unfamiliar challenges that need more observation in order to proceed wisely into the future.

Exploring the Arctic, Dr. David and Lucette Barber (YouTube)

2017 CN Forum

Putting the Arctic in Plain Sight: Join Dr. Lawson Brigham as he discusses the Arctic and its critical stage of global importance.

A changing Arctic has long drawn the attention of environmental scientists and those across the world who are interested in supply chain logistics, community sustainability, and geopolitics. These dynamics present opportunity for some, but unfamiliar challenges for many. The Arctic calls for critical observation and research to proceed wisely into the future.