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Faculty Advisory Council

The Faculty Advisory Council is derived from the Center’s Faculty Affiliates and is the main advisory unit to the center. These faculty members are invited by the center director to become familiar with the center’s long term vision, and its more immediate mission, while advising how the center might best meet its goals and objectives. The center director looks to the council to generate ideas for furthering faculty and student engagement, gather leads for funding linked to the center’s priority research and teaching areas, select opportunities to feature the work of the center’s faculty team, and engage in networks that broaden the center’s reach into target audiences.

The Faculty Advisory Council is a group of no more than ten faculty members, typically diverse in their academic interests. They come together once per semester to address a formal agenda focused on the enrichment and advancement of the center’s ability to assist students and faculty success.

Canadian Studies Center Advisory Council

Doug Bessette
Assistant Professor
Dept of Community Sustainability
Ph.D., University of Calgary

David Ferguson
Assistant Professor
Kinesiology, Health Sciences
Ph.D. Texas AM

Jade Mitchell
Associate Professor
College of Engineering
Ph.D Drexel University

Cheryl Murphy
Assistant Professor
Fisheries and Wildlife
Ph.D., Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, Louisiana State University

Amber Pearson
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences
Ph.D., University of Washington

Jan Stevenson
College of Natural Science Department of Inegrative Biology
Ph.D University of Michigan

Vlad Tarabara
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ph.D., Rice University

Jeremy M. Wilson
School of Criminal Justice
Ph.D., Philosophy in Public Administration, The Ohio State University