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About Us

The Canadian Studies Center's mission is to research and inform the broader community about all aspects of Canada, particularly its connection and contribution to a global society.

1452578_725933970751219_160536913_n.jpgThe center advocates for research, teaching, and outreach linkages between MSU and Canada's institutions whose mission and expertise align well with MSU's land grant ethic of teaching, research and outreach. With the University's goals at the forefront, we encourage global engagement, positive change, and advancing development worldwide.

A broad array of faculty lend their knowledge and expertise to Canadian studies at Michigan State University, most of whom are drawn to what MSU and Canadian teaching and research strengths might do together to address community and global concerns. The necessity for Canadian studies is attributed to the nation and its drive for synergy of world resources, economies and cultures.

 Fast Facts

  • The Canadian Studies Center (CSC) has been a powerful link between students, educators, policy makers, and business leaders who are interested in Canada-U.S. relations, since 1958.
  • Michigan State University not only founded one of the first centers for Canadian Studies in the U.S., but also is the longest serving CS center.
  • The Center co-sponsors an annual CN Forum; a policy-based discussion focused on key transnational issues relating to Canada and the U.S.
  • Canadian scholars and researchers are hosted throughout the academic year to initiate collaborative agreements between them and MSU faculty.
  • The Center is composed of over 70 core faculty, graduate students from over 30 departments, and MSU Library and Museum staff.
  • In conjunction with the Office of Education Abroad, CSC offers student programs in Canada every year.
  • Michigan State is a leader in Canadian Studies and engaged in the regional and national association for Canadian Studies. This continues a long tradition at our university. One of the founding members and leaders of the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States (ACSUS) also directed the Canadian Studies Center at Michigan State University.
  • The Canadian Studies Center prioritizes the following topics in its daily work and activities: U.S. Canada Relations, Arctic Science and Communities, Great Lakes Stewardship; Energy, and Environment; Health and Indigenous Communities.