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Initiatives Overview

The center advocates for research, teaching, and outreach linkages between MSU and Canada's institutions whose mission and expertise align well with MSU's land grant ethic of teaching, research and outreach. With the University's goals at the forefront, we encourage global engagement, positive change, and advancing development worldwide. A broad array of faculty lend their knowledge and expertise to Canadian studies at Michigan State University, most of whom are drawn to what MSU and Canadian teaching and research strengths might do together to address community and global concerns. The necessity for Canadian studies is attributed to the nation and its drive for synergy of world resources, economies and cultures.

side-by-side_campus-spring.jpgCollaborative Research and Education Initiative

We at MSU Canadian Studies Center encourage a discussion of mutual interests in research, teaching, and shared opportunities. This effort sparks and reinforces connections among MSU and Canadian scholars for collaborative teaching and problem-solving. Michigan State University’s Canadian Studies Center brings MSU and Canadian research and teaching scholars together in East Lansing to talk about their work.

Arctic Researchers.jpgArctic Research Platform

The Arctic Research Platform invites faculty, students and community scholars as well as business leaders who are interested in a broad range of Arctic issues – from STEM to Social to Art Sciences – to a discussion engaging others with mutual or complementary interests.

Toronto No title slide for splash page - Copy.jpgCN Forum

The discussion covered research needs, current dynamics that affect people living in the Arctic and across the world, and how the research of scholars at MSU might address the needs of the Arctic.

Inuit women.jpgIndigenous Peoples

The Indigenous Law and Policy Center at MSU is committed to the education of Native law students and the training of lawyers prepared to work on behalf of tribes around the country, whether for tribal governments, private law firms or non-profit organizations.

side-by-side_canada-trail.jpgOne Health Challenge

The One Health Challenge is an all-inclusive collaboration between medical practitioners in both human and animal health alongside other scientific and environmentally related disciplines.

freight.jpgGreat Lakes International Trade and Transportation Hub Initiative

The GLITTH Initiative is a joint effort between the Midwest U.S. and Canada to leverage assets of the shared region and capitalize on the connectivity between them. These assets include the Great Lakes, supply chain infrastructure, world class universities, land and agricultural resources, and industry strengths such as advanced manufacturing.

Photo of Glass Globe in leavesCanadian Partnership Forum

The MSU Canadian Partnership (MSUCP) Forum aims to build partnerships between MSU and Canada’s teaching and research institutions in matters related to the Center’s four key focus areas: food and agriculture, environment and energy, health and nutrition, and education.